ABDL Lover

May 20, 2018

Fun Sissy Cuckold Humiliation (Part 2)

My friends are going to love teasing you! They won’t be able to help but flick your short skirts up, exposing your diapers for everybody to stare at and they all know about your clittie all tucked away in a cage behind it. While they laugh and tease you, I hope you don’t get nervous and drop something! After all your sissy training and you would embarrass me like that? Oh no, dear, I couldn’t let that go buy with an appropriate punishment. I imagine that a good fetish paddling is exactly what you need. I will have you push your diaper down to the bottom of your thighs, then bend over in front of all those pretty ladies and present your bottom for me to spank. And that is just what I would do, applying my bare hand to you until your skin was red as a cherry, and you couldn’t stop crying if you tried! When I’m done, I’ll have you hobble into the nearest corner, your bottom still exposed, diaper down your thighs for a much needed time out. Sound like what you need? Call me for your sissy submissive phonesex! Want to read the first part of this story? Click here. Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy! #sissification #sissyservant #humiliationphonesex
May 19, 2018

Keep Your Pampers On!

Uh oh what do you think you’re doing my pamper phone sex lover? I know it’s hot and mommy hasn’t gotten the air conditioner fixed yet but that doesn’t mean you can just take your diapers off whenever you feel like it! Especially if you aren’t even potty trained! What’s gonna happen when you need to go potty and you don’t have your pampers on? You and I both know you won’t be able to hold it in! You’re going to end up making messies everywhere and mommy is going to have to punish you with a spanking! Now let mommy put that adult diaper back on you and I better not catch you out of it again do you hear me young man? You better be a good abdl phone sex lover for mommy! Ava 1*888*430*2010 Click HERE to chat with the phone sex mommies #abdl #adultbaby #diapers
May 14, 2018

Sissy Slut Task

Do you have a very kinky craving for getting messy in mud, wearing black pantyhose and wet looking thong black leotard? Do you love to go out with no cover up or towel to disguise your utterly ruined filthy figure in tights and a woman’s leotard? Have you done this before but only in just shorts or girly underwear alone late night in a remote farm field purely for your own benefit but want to change that on this occasion? Why don’t you call me, I would love to have you go on live cam. I want to see you going out to roll in a very muddy field purely for my enjoyment. I want you to show everything, the mud puddle, your silly figure in those pantyhose and black leotard. Let me humiliate you, calling you names as you play in the mud. Then you will show your video to everyone that is interested in watching or even directing you in your messy public phone sex humiliation challenge. Come play with me you pathetic sissy slut. Candy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with the phone sex mommies #KinkPhoneSex #StockingFetish #HumiliationPhoneSex https://www.phoneamommy.com/mommycandy
May 13, 2018

Naughty Time With Mommy

I just can’t help myself, I’m a naughty abdl Mommy and I just want my sweet adult baby to make a sticky, cummy mess in his big crinkly adult baby diapers for me! When I see Mommy son porn or hear the sounds of a thick diapered bottom I just get so horny for some hot incest fetish phone sex. Are you my filthy little one? Mommy Jackie is waiting for you, let’s have some kinky, no taboo phone fun while I tell you just what I want to do with baby’s hard toy. Mmm and then Mommy Jackie will teach you just how Mommy likes to be touched too, and have you lick Mommy’s special place and make me cum all over baby boy’s face. It can be our little secret, sweet boy. Mommy just needs her naughty little boy to feel good. Click HERE to talk to a phone sex Mommy 1-888-430-2010 #incest #notaboo #abdlmommy
May 13, 2018

Getting Caught, Oh My!!

  What happens to a little abdl baby boy when Mommy says you have to wear your diaper all day even when you go out with your friends later. I love the look of fright in your eyes, as your little lip trembles and your voice is so tiny when you ask, “But Mommy what if someone sees the abdl diaper and catches me?” Of course this is the moment I burst out laughing. If they catch you it’s just fine, I’m sure they all know more than they let on anyway. A tiny little peepee like yours doesn’t deserve anything bigger than a diaper, I have to keep it tight and secure from your little roaming hands. I always told you, if you are built like a baby you will be dressed and treated like an adult baby. Call me when you are ready for all of your instructions and my most humiliating plans for you.                   Mommy Liz                          Click HERE to talk to a phone sex Mommy                         1-888-430-2010
April 15, 2018

A Fun Little Mess

Pew, what is that stinky smell? I check your diaper to discover somebody made poopies in their abdl diaper. Mommy doesn’t always change you right away does she? No because I know how much you enjoy sitting in that messy adult baby diaper waiting to see just how squishy it will feel on your tush! So stinky and squishy, so much that sometimes you have accidents all over yourself. Sometimes mommy puts you in plastic pants when I know it’s been awhile since you have gone. Or when mommy gives you a little phonesex suppository to make sure you make your clot or disposable phonesex diaper nice and full. Aww look at how cute you are sitting there on your mat just wiggling in your diaper and cooing at mommy. You face is a little mischievous but also very happy! You know just how messy it’s getting for mommy and how much I’m going to have to clean up. I’ve got the wipe warmer ready sweetie…let’s get you cleaned up! Susan 1-888-430-2010 Click here to chat with me now #adbldiaper #abdlmessydiaper #diaperfetish