Time To Humiliate A Sissy Baby(part 1)

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I Will Regress You Into My Little Baby!
June 27, 2019
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Diaper Girl Sex
July 20, 2019

Sissy Baby Tammie shook and cried while Mommy and her friends laughed and teased her, talking about what a stinky baby she was.  It wasn’t her fault! She had been just a little cranky earlier (she may have talked back to Mommy, but it wasn’t that bad), and Mommy started being so mean! She never even saw the thermometer, but she sure felt it when Mommy slipped in it her bottom while she was laying over Mommy’s lap with her diaper pulled down.  She started to squirm, but then Mommy’s firm hand came down hard on her bottom, and Tammie was told that there was more coming her way if she didn’t settle down.  She barely managed it, the feeling of the thermometer inside her was so embarrassing! When it was pulled out she thought that was it, right until Mommy pushed a few suppositories inside her, telling her that she was going to use her abdl diapers just like a good sissy baby… in front of Mommy’s friends! What else do you think happened to Sissy Baby Tammie? Click right here to read just what Mommy did and call me for your dominant mommy phone sex if this is something you love!



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