Nanny Rachel

Supernanny - Diapering - Strict Rules - Harsh Lectures - Babysitter/Auntie Roleplay

Time to behave, little ones, your Sitter is here! I'm Nanny Rachel, and I specialize in straightening out ill-behaved little babies, just like you. I grew up in England, and even though my accent is gone now, I still remember everything I learned from my strict, coldly cruel Governess -- and I will pass those lessons on to you! If my strict authoritative lectures don't cow you into submission, and a good session of standing in the corner can't change your naughty ways, a nice hard spanking, strapping, or caning certainly will!!

When I'm not having to be terribly strict to naughty babies, I also love to be your excitingly mature, sensually uninhibited Nanny or sitter! I adore teaching young men allll about sex, in a VERY hands-on way! I'm experienced with diapering, bottle and breast feeding, bedtime stories...and of course a nice naughty "massage" under the covers to help my young man get relaxed and sleepy.

My references as a sitter -- and my high, firm tits and mature curves -- are impeccable. Let's have a seat, you can tell Nanny Rachel all about your bad behavior, and let Nanny decide on the best punishment for you!

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