Necessary Discipline For Naughty Babies

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August 23, 2020
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Diaper Changing and Comfort Feeding My ABDL Boy
August 25, 2020

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For most abdl’s or naughty big boys, standard disciplines work just fine. Timeout’s, getting grounded, getting prized toys taken away, those can work. If need be spankings are next, whether they are applied with a bare hand, paddle, cane, crop, or a leather belt over top an abdl diaper or a bare bottom. There are some hard cases that even after that bottom has been turned purple and blue several times over that behaving and following my rules and instructions is still an issue, if you can believe that. Some creative discipline is needed in those cases, and one that I’m a fan of is cock milking. It’s first seen as a joke, they get to come over and over again, what kind of punishment is that? By the time they find out, their balls aching and in pain, their begging me to stop. They’re pleading and promising that they will be good, they won’t be bad, they promise! How hard would you beg? Call me for some naughty phone sex to tell me everything.

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