ABDL Beach Party
August 8, 2016
Why I like being an Abdl Mommy!
August 22, 2016

adult baby phone sex

Who here can actually say they’re really into abdl mommy phone sex? I know working is life of being a grown up is just sometimes too hard for you to process correctly. You wish you could go back in time right about now don’t you? Back to those wonder years of having a sweet loving mommy take care of you and wait on you hand and foot. Well I have good news that’s exactly what were going to do with you! You don’t need to be an adult anymore. Actually now that I think about it adult baby has a certain ring to it. I think that title suits you well. You’re going to be my big adult baby from now on. You’ll be put in diapers and onesies and mommy will always take care of you, she’ll even do some incest phone sex with you!



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