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August 9, 2018
Mommy Liz’s Embarassed Little Sissy!!
August 13, 2018

Is it because your kinks originated at childhood? Phone sex fantasies of punishment, bondage, forced nudity, being forced to dress like a girl but usually just girls underwear.

All this was in place by the time you were in the first grade. You invented an alter ego who was 13 years old, a girl that was bdsm restrained in a psych ward and kept naked and in restraints with no hope of escape because she has been put there by the court or her parents.

You meet someone who actually had that happen to her. At about the same age, when you met her, she was 23. Her experience validated your phone sex fantasies and childhood fears. Also kind of blew my mind that if you were laying in bed naked pretending you were a 13 year old girl strapped down in a psych ward, that just across town it was actually happening to someone.



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