Ava Loves Public Humiliation

Naughty Diaper Sex!
March 6, 2017
Cloth Diaper Phone Sex With Ava
May 14, 2017
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Ava Loves Public Humiliation

This is going to be another public humiliation phone sex session! I know all about your little pee pee getting hard when you get punished in a public place!  I also  know how much of diaper lover you are too! So put both of those together and you have yourself a very humiliating public diaper play session, I was thinking somewhere very public in town so there’s a bigger chance of us bumping into someone you know. I was thinking the mall would be a perfect place. That’s right. Have you show up with my pushing you around in your stroller, maybe even sneak you a laxative beforehand and make you mess your diaper right when we get there. You’ll be messing your diaper in no time like the big adult baby phone sex lover you are!



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