Extreme Fetishes With Crissy
July 22, 2017
Fetish Spanking Turn On
July 24, 2017

I’m about to use some diaper discipline phone sex to teach your butt a lesson! What did I tell you about taking off your diaper and making a mess outside of it? Just because you want to be a little brat because your mommy left you with an adult baby sitter doesn’t mean that gives you permission to run around without a diaper peeing on everything in sight! You better come over here right now young man so I can spank that bottom and teach you a lesson for disobeying me. Your mommy made it very clear who was in charge before she left and it certainly isn’t you! So let’s go where are you hiding at? Come on the faster you come out the faster we can get this over with and put you back in your diaper. You shouldn’t of been out of it to begin with! Naughty abdl phone sex boy



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