ABDL Phone Sex Fun
December 5, 2017
Small Peepee Diaper Humiliation Phone Sex Part 3
December 16, 2017

Do you want to show me how much you love your diapers, how much it excites you to be in them? Why don’t you show just what an extreme abdl lover you are?  Would you use your diaper the way it is meant to be, pissing and shitting in that diaper till it’s warm, wet, and messy? Would you touch yourself while you wore that filthy diaper, rubbing your cock through it, pressing that messy inside against you until the piss leaks out? Why don’t you even go so far as sliding your hand inside of that diaper, wrapping your hand around your filth covered cock?  That’s what I would tell you to do, what any good phone sex dommy mommy would tell you to do. Wrap your hand around your cock, stroke yourself until you cum like the dirty boy you know you are. Call me for your abdl domination!



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