Step Mommy Tawny Femdom Phone Sex Part 3
August 7, 2017
Extreme Fetishes
August 12, 2017

Hello fetish and incest lovers of all kinds! My name is Mommy Ava and I want to be your play mate and your mommy today! How does that sound to you is that okay? Great! We can start by getting rid of those  grown up clothes you have on there you won’t be needing those anymore that’s for sure! Next is to lay you down on the changing table and put your bottom up in the air so I can slide a nice fresh diaper underneath it because from now on you’re going to be my big adult baby! We’ll have so much fun together playing with mommy, bathtime with mommy, feeding with mommy and maybe even getting a little bit naughty with me too! How does that sound my big abdl phone sex lover?



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