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April 10, 2018

Dear Diary

Dear diary today I saw the hottest man I have ever seen before . He had the biggest muscles I’ve ever seen and when I look between his legs you could literally see the print how big his cock was all I could do was fantasize . I have to admit my mouth even started to water just thinking about me slipping his big hard cock in my mouth. I was actually very surprised at myself I mean here I am walking around going shopping like I normally do on my Sundays and the next thing I know my pussies wet and I’m fantasizing about sucking a strangers dick. I have a very filthy mind and I have to remind myself that I’m out ino public because I can sometimes get carried away. So being that I was in the mall and I had no way of satisfying myself to the thought of this handsome man I snuck away to my car. And rubbed my pussy till I came really, really hard all over my car seat. What a mess! If you want to hear more give me a call Tawny 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #slut #slutsex #milf
January 1, 2018

Janey’s Sissy Baby Part 3!

Finally, Brad’s Abdl Mommy had demanded proof that he would stay in diapers full-time, permanently! He cut all his underpants up with scissors and took a picture. Except this one pair. “And you’re not just supposed to not wear them – your supposed to not even HAVE them!” She waved them in front of his face. “Okay, I guess you didn’t take this seriously enough,” she said, seizing him by the wrist, and walking him to the dining room chair. In one quick motion, he found himself bent over her knee, his skirt flipped up. “I had hoped not to have to do this during our visit,” Janey said. “But I see you just won’t be satisfied until you experience it for real!”The first swats weren’t too bad, over his adult diaper. However, she all too soon released his diaper tapes and bared his bottom, reddening it as he bit back real baby tears! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Janey 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to  chat with a Phone Sex mommy! #adultdiapers #mommydomme #abdlphonesex
August 12, 2017

Fetish And Incest

Hello fetish and incest lovers of all kinds! My name is Mommy Ava and I want to be your play mate and your mommy today! How does that sound to you is that okay? Great! We can start by getting rid of those  grown up clothes you have on there you won’t be needing those anymore that’s for sure! Next is to lay you down on the changing table and put your bottom up in the air so I can slide a nice fresh diaper underneath it because from now on you’re going to be my big adult baby! We’ll have so much fun together playing with mommy, bathtime with mommy, feeding with mommy and maybe even getting a little bit naughty with me too! How does that sound my big abdl phone sex lover? Ava 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy
February 26, 2017

Melanie Martinez Is A Diaper Lover

So I’ve been having a hunch that Melanie Martinez was an abdl phone sex lover ever since her very first video Dollhouse released. She looked like a BBG in that video and I just had somewhat of a hunch but i really knew it had to be true as soon as her Crybaby and Alphabet Boy videos released. Have you seen them? You should really check them out of you haven’t they’re freaking amazing! In Crybaby she’s in her own life sized decked out abdl nursery with her crib and high chair and tons of blocks and little toys In her Alphabet Boy video shes climbing all over life sized baby blocks and crawling around like an adult baby on the floor she’s so adorable! She even has a baby girl outfit in Sippy Cup too her whole Crybaby album is really promoting the adult baby life style. Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #abdlphonesex #ageplay #abdlmommy
October 14, 2016

ABDL Outing With Mommy Crissy

Hey there lovers of adult baby phone sex and adult diaper phone sex! Yesterday’s outing with my adult babies was so much fun. I wanted to find a place that’s kid friendly to take all of my adult babies to. So what better place to take my little ones than Disneyland? They were so excited when I told them and started helping me pack right away! We filled up their diaper bags and packed all the strollers for our day at the happiest place on earth! They were practically bouncing in their car seats the whole way there and their eyes lit up when they saw the theme park come into view! Once we go there I put them all in their strollers with their diaper bags and bought our tickets! I even got them little cute mickey mouse ears to wear while were there! They saw so many of the same Disney character I read to them about every night and it was so precious to see them see their hero’s in real life! This is definitely a day we will all remember for a long time in the abdl phone sex community! Crissy 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #abdlphonesex #diaperloverphonesex #mommyphonesex
August 7, 2016

What Language You Have!

You have very naughty language for an Adult baby! I think a punishment is in order. Come here and take off your Bambinos teddy bears diaper now young man, and kneel before mommy. But first I need your to go grab me a bar of soap, a wooden spoon, a paddle, the lube out of mommy’s special drawer and mommy’s special toy box, then crawl to mommy and kneel once more. Understand me? Good boy! Now get up and lay over mommy’s lap with the soap in your mouth and hand me the wooden spoon. If that soap falls out of your mouth at all I will start all over on the spankings understand me ? Now with the wooden spoon you will get 30! I want to hear you count out loud. After those, you will get 45 spankings with the paddle. Then you will get 50 Hand spankings on each cheek with my hand! We will see if you say naughty words again. Now call me for some ABDL phone sex Tawny 888-430-2010 Or click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy! #abdlpunishment #abdmommy #adultbaby
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