Melanie Martinez Is A Diaper Lover

Diaper Changing Phone Sex
December 28, 2016
Diapered Abdl Mommy
March 6, 2017

So I’ve been having a hunch that Melanie Martinez was an abdl phone sex lover ever since her very first video Dollhouse released. She looked like a BBG in that video and I just had somewhat of a hunch but i really knew it had to be true as soon as her Crybaby and Alphabet Boy videos released. Have you seen them? You should really check them out of you haven’t they’re freaking amazing! In Crybaby she’s in her own life sized decked out abdl nursery with her crib and high chair and tons of blocks and little toys In her Alphabet Boy video shes climbing all over life sized baby blocks and crawling around like an adult baby on the floor she’s so adorable! She even has a baby girl outfit in Sippy Cup too her whole Crybaby album is really promoting the adult baby life style.



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