February 25, 2018

Small Cocks Get Put In Diapers!!

Oh, sweetie, did you think I would still want to fuck you after I saw your cock? *snicker* Or what you’re trying to pass off as a cock, anyway. It’s so tiny that it’s almost cute! I wouldn’t feel a thing, even if I did let you get between my thighs. You have a baby peepee and acted like you had a real man’s cock. That is a lie, and to keep you from lying to some other woman, I’m going to put you in diapers, so that no one will be surprised with what little you have to work with! You won’t ever be able to sexually satisfy a woman, but at least you can make her laugh. You should go ahead with your diaper punishment while I’m watching, stroking and teasing yourself because that’s the only way you’re allowed! If you have to cum in your diaper or not at all! Ready for some sph phone sex? Call me anytime! Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to talk with a phone sex Mommy! #sph #sphphonesex #smallcockdegradation
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