abdl and mommy

July 3, 2018

Water Logged Huggies

What a day that was for us huh ABDL ADULT BABY? I thought we could try and go swimming today since it is nice and sunny out and really hot out! But of course silly mommy forgot to pack your Huggies Swimmers! I didn’t want to have to drive back home from the pool just to get your huggies swimmers so you can swim with mommy so what did I do? I decided to risk keeping you in your regular huggies! Boy oh boy that was a mistake as soon as your little diapered botom hit the pool water that diaper filled up to max capacity almost instantly didn’t it? I wanted to go back and get your swimmers but you were already having so much fun in the pool with mommy that i just kept you in your ABDL DIAPERS Tawny 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #MOMMY #ADULT BABY #ABDL
May 19, 2018

Keep Your Pampers On!

Uh oh what do you think you’re doing my pamper phone sex lover? I know it’s hot and mommy hasn’t gotten the air conditioner fixed yet but that doesn’t mean you can just take your diapers off whenever you feel like it! Especially if you aren’t even potty trained! What’s gonna happen when you need to go potty and you don’t have your pampers on? You and I both know you won’t be able to hold it in! You’re going to end up making messies everywhere and mommy is going to have to punish you with a spanking! Now let mommy put that adult diaper back on you and I better not catch you out of it again do you hear me young man? You better be a good abdl phone sex lover for mommy! Ava 1*888*430*2010 Click HERE to chat with the phone sex mommies #abdl #adultbaby #diapers
April 15, 2018

A Fun Little Mess

Pew, what is that stinky smell? I check your diaper to discover somebody made poopies in their abdl diaper. Mommy doesn’t always change you right away does she? No because I know how much you enjoy sitting in that messy adult baby diaper waiting to see just how squishy it will feel on your tush! So stinky and squishy, so much that sometimes you have accidents all over yourself. Sometimes mommy puts you in plastic pants when I know it’s been awhile since you have gone. Or when mommy gives you a little phonesex suppository to make sure you make your clot or disposable phonesex diaper nice and full. Aww look at how cute you are sitting there on your mat just wiggling in your diaper and cooing at mommy. You face is a little mischievous but also very happy! You know just how messy it’s getting for mommy and how much I’m going to have to clean up. I’ve got the wipe warmer ready sweetie…let’s get you cleaned up! Susan 1-888-430-2010 Click here to chat with me now #adbldiaper #abdlmessydiaper #diaperfetish
February 25, 2018

ABDL Sissy Whore

Hi there abdl sissy whore. Any last words before daddy pounds that hot little hole of yours? That’s right daddy is coming home from work right about now and he wants you to be bent over legs spread ready for him to stick his mice big thick cock into that eager little hole of yours. First we need to dress you up. Mommy has the cutest little pair of ruffled plastic panties I’m going to slip on over your diaper. They’re purple just like the pretty little sissy baby doll dress I’m going to put you in. It has a nice big satin bow that ties around the waist into the back. Oh would you look at that, daddy is home! Get ready my little sissifacation phone sex whore cause daddy’s about to pound you Ava 888*430*2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #abdl #emasculation #sissybitch
February 25, 2018

Messy Pamper

Well hello there mister poopy pamper pants. Did you make a messy in your adult diaper? You didn’t? Then why can mommy smell your diaper from all the way over here? That’s right you thought I couldn’t smell it didn’t you? I can smell that poopy pamper from a mile away my adult baby diaper lover. Now get over here so mommy can change you out of that messy diaper. Stop trying to hide from mommy. Stop being stubborn and let mommy change you because if you don’t and you leave that diaper on for too long you know what will happen. You will get a diaper rash like you always do and you will cry to mommy that it hurts. If you keep this up I will not change you at all abdl lover. Crissy 1 888 430-2010 Click HERE to talk to a phone sex mommy! #abdl #messy #poopypamper
January 1, 2018

Dorm Room Abdl Nursery Phone Sex Part 3!

Unfortunately, he got past Abdl mommy Tawny first thing, getting to the bathroom. He came back after, blushing and holding a towel around his waist. “I – umm … forgot my clothes…” he fumbled out.Janey wasn’t about to let him get by with it. “What is that odd smell,” she said, sniffing the slightly stale pee smell. “Don’t you smell it? Is it coming from in here?” She walked into his bedroom before he could stop her. “Whoa! What happened here?” She looked at the large wet spot in the middle of the bed. It was so funny – he looked so crushed and ready to cry.”Aww, it’s all right. This happens to lots of Adult babies,” she said, putting a “comforting” arm around him, as she emphasized “adult babies”. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul…” Yet, she added to herself.He seemed surprised at her concern. Then she got her first “present” for him. “I thought, given all the other stuff you had, you’d love this,” she said in mock surprise, holding the pink Hello Kitty sleeper with the drop seat back out to him, as though genuinely confused as to why he wouldn’t wear such a thing! Call me for some Abdl Phone Sex! Tawny 888-430-2010 OR click HERE to chat with a Phone sex mommy! #abdl #adultdiapers #abdlmommy
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