August 25, 2020

Diaper Changing and Comfort Feeding My ABDL Boy

Dommy Mommy Scarlet has to change that soggy diaper, you just woke up and the bed is soaked. You did not sleep in your plastic pants last night and after I fed you all of my creamy and smooth breast milk, your tummy was fulled to the brim.  Mommy enjoys placing you on the diaper changing pad on the bed while I remove that stinky and smelly diaper. Your little adult baby balls and small cock is so soaked with piss from last night and this morning that the stench of it all lit up the room.  Even your little tiny bottom is stained with yellow piss.  I will take the baby wipes and clean you off so that you can be fresh and clean.  The more I wipe you on your little pee pee the bigger it grows as you become aroused as my hand wipes it up an down.  Why are you breathing so hard, my little abdl boy?  Why do your tiny and hairy balls stiffen under my fingers?  You were so embarrassed at my questions that you put your head down in shame.  As silence filled the room I retrieve a pair of diapers and place them on you and fastened them close. Your feeding time is now, my sweetheart – so I will place you on my lap, remove my bra, stick my tit in your mouth and direct you to my pink nipple so you can suck on my tits for comfort.  Take your little tongue and move it around in circles around my nipple as I mush your face into the softness of my breast. Scarlet 1-888-430-2010 Click Here to chat with a phone sex mommy! #dommymommy #abdl #adultbaby #diaperlover
December 28, 2016

Diaper Changing Phone Sex

What is it about getting your diaper changed that you enjoy the most? Can you even decide? You have someone’s full attention on you, cleaning you, making sure you are comfortable. You can feel your abdl mommy’s hands on you at all times, comforting you, letting you know that she’s there with you.  The care that she uses while she takes off the messy diaper and sets it to the side, the smooth coolness of the phone sex baby wipes as she cleans you off, gets all the cracks and crannies to make sure you are all clean and fresh!  She holds up your legs and slides the new diaper underneath your bottom, then gently puts your legs back down. She puts the diaper rash cream and some powder all over your bottom, then pulls the diaper front over, secures the flaps…and now we have a clean abdl baby that spent the last minute or so actually feeling his mommy’s love and care for him. What is better than that? Call me if you’d like to talk more about it! Brenda 1-888-430-2010 Click HERE to chat with a phone sex Mommy #diaperfetish #abdlmommy #abdldiaperchange
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