A Fun Little Mess
April 15, 2018
Naughty Time With Mommy
May 13, 2018


What happens to a little abdl baby boy when Mommy says you have to wear your diaper all day even when you go out with your friends later. I love the look of fright in your eyes, as your little lip trembles and your voice is so tiny when you ask, “But Mommy what if someone sees the abdl diaper and catches me?” Of course this is the moment I burst out laughing. If they catch you it’s just fine, I’m sure they all know more than they let on anyway. A tiny little peepee like yours doesn’t deserve anything bigger than a diaper, I have to keep it tight and secure from your little roaming hands. I always told you, if you are built like a baby you will be dressed and treated like an adult baby. Call me when you are ready for all of your instructions and my most humiliating plans for you.


                Mommy Liz

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