Why I like being an Abdl Mommy!
August 22, 2016
Cuckold Sissy Phone Sex
September 17, 2016

pink sissy dress

Look at you sitting in that filthy Cushies diaper filled with cummies and poopy! What are we going to do with you? Should we make you change? Or should I make you sit in it longer? Hmmm Lets see, I think I wanna make you sweat it out a little bit longer and make you crawl around in while video taping you so I can post it for all of your friends to see! What do you think they would say? I think they would laugh at you! Just like I am doing haha What awittle adult baby! Do you think that they would laugh more of the fact that you’re in a poopy diaper or that you’re in a hot pink dress and in a diaper wearing a tiara? Hmmm I wonder? I mean you have soo many jock friends and what would your wife say if she saw you dress like this? Or what would your boss say? Well we are about to find out because I just posted this Call me for some Abdl phone sex!



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