Naughty Mommy For A Naughty Baby

Naughty Fun In A Wet Diaper!
October 29, 2018
Time To Fuck A Sissy Diaper Slave!
November 13, 2018

Just what kind of abdl Mommy do you like? I suppose it really depends on what kind of baby you are! Are you a giggling, sweet little thing; if you are, you definitely need a loving Mommy to treat you lovely and gently. Do you like to be a bit naughty every now and then? Nothing serious, drawing on the walls with your crayons kind of behavior that gets you a stern talking too, and a time-out in the corner! You need a stern, but loving Mommy to take care of you. Some babies start to cry and feel so guilty just from a good talking to, so they don’t need much more than that! But you might be a very naughty abdl, that needs a harsh Mommy to keep you in line. Exactly which type of baby are you and what kind of Mommy is best for you? Call me for your abdl phonesex, let me know just what you need.



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