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Who’s ready for another round of some down and dirty cuckold phone sex! That’s right this domme is ready to get fucked and I don’t want to have to do all the work in getting his cock hard! That’s where you come in my little cuckold phone sex slut! Now I want you to get on your knees and work on that big cock dangling right in front of your face. See how thick it is? It has a lot of girth doesn’t it? Well I want you to stick all of it in your mouth and get his big thick cock hard for me like a good little bitch. There you go just like that keep sucking that cock for your domme mommy phone sex mommy so she can stick it in her and get fucked like the pillow princess she is!



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My Dirty Baby

pink sissy dress

Look at you sitting in that filthy Cushies diaper filled with cummies and poopy! What are we going to do with you? Should we make you change? Or should I make you sit in it longer? Hmmm Lets see, I think I wanna make you sweat it out a little bit longer and make you crawl around in while video taping you so I can post it for all of your friends to see! What do you think they would say? I think they would laugh at you! Just like I am doing haha What awittle adult baby! Do you think that they would laugh more of the fact that you’re in a poopy diaper or that you’re in a hot pink dress and in a diaper wearing a tiara? Hmmm I wonder? I mean you have soo many jock friends and what would your wife say if she saw you dress like this? Or what would your boss say? Well we are about to find out because I just posted this Call me for some Abdl phone sex!



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Why I like being an Abdl Mommy!

ABDL Regression

adult baby phone sex

Who here can actually say they’re really into abdl mommy phone sex? I know working is life of being a grown up is just sometimes too hard for you to process correctly. You wish you could go back in time right about now don’t you? Back to those wonder years of having a sweet loving mommy take care of you and wait on you hand and foot. Well I have good news that’s exactly what were going to do with you! You don’t need to be an adult anymore. Actually now that I think about it adult baby has a certain ring to it. I think that title suits you well. You’re going to be my big adult baby from now on. You’ll be put in diapers and onesies and mommy will always take care of you, she’ll even do some incest phone sex with you!



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ABDL Beach Party

abdl phone sex

I just love everything about summer time! Especially when it’s august because it gets nice and hot and I can take all of my adult baby phone sex and diaper lovers to their yearly beach trip! I can’t tell you how much fun it is to see their little adult baby faces light up when I mention going to the beach. They all know where each of their favorite toy is so they always pack their favorite and they make sure to pack some buckets and pails for our adult baby beach trip! I of course make sure I have the diaper bag and strollers and especially the waterproof diapers! I can’t tell you how many times one of my adult babies has tried walking around in a waterlogged pamper and have it come off them! But no need to fret I have plenty of everything for this abdl phone sex trip.



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What Language You Have!

wooden-spoonYou have very naughty language for an Adult baby! I think a punishment is in order. Come here and take off your Bambinos teddy bears diaper now young man, and kneel before mommy. But first I need your to go grab me a bar of soap, a wooden spoon, a paddle, the lube out of mommy’s special drawer and mommy’s special toy box, then crawl to mommy and kneel once more. Understand me? Good boy! Now get up and lay over mommy’s lap with the soap in your mouth and hand me the wooden spoon. If that soap falls out of your mouth at all I will start all over on the spankings understand me ? Now with the wooden spoon you will get 30! I want to hear you count out loud. After those, you will get 45 spankings with the paddle. Then you will get 50 Hand spankings on each cheek with my hand! We will see if you say naughty words again. Now call me for some ABDL phone sex
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Boyfriend ABDL Roleplay


One of Mommy Candy’s favorite things is to dress her boyfriend up as a cute little ABDL baby in diapers and baby onesies. This ABDL Mommy loves being in control of dominant men and making them be Mommy’s good little baby. Today me and my boyfriend went to the mall, and guess what I made him wear? A cute little diaper with Disney princesses all over the front of it. He was so humiliated by wearing a diaper, a sissy diaper only added to the embarrassment. We went to Victoria’s Secret to look at some super cute bras. I found a really cute mint-colored lacy bra with silver rhinestones scattered across it. I bought it for him along with a matching thong. The saleslady had no idea I was buying the cute lingerie for my boyfriend! I was so excited to get home and have him put on the cute outfit, as soon as we got home, I made him model it. It was such a turn on for this ABDL Mommy.




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Looks like a naked baby mole rat!

Mommy StarOh my goodness. I just can not stop laughing at how Tiny your little penis is. I know you hate when I start to Humiliate your penis, but I just can’t help it. I get such a kick out of it! Your face get so red and your eyes get so sad. I think it’s so funny how it looks like a naked baby mole rat. HAHAHA! I want to call all of the mommies in the neighbor hood to point and laugh at this Penis Humilitation. How would you like seeing all the pretty mommies from around the block come and look and laugh about your itty bitty, teeny weenie! Don’t you start crying! I did not say you could cry! I think all the pretty mommies would make even more fun of your wet cry baby face. Maybe you’ll get lucky and one of them will come give your little penis some loving.




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Someone Thinks They’re Hiding!!


Look at you hiding behind the couch, I know what you’re doing! You’re taking a poopy aren’t you? Don’t shake your head at me young man! I know you are silly Adult baby! Let your Abdl mommy check your diaper please! Get over  here right now and let me check you !! But mommy! Don’t but me young man! Mommy will bend you over my knee and give you spanking very quickly for your attitude! Understand me? Yes mommy! Now I am going to grab a new diaper and some wipes to change you mommy will be right back ok! When I got back I looked behind the other couch and My Adult baby had his diaper off and was covered from head to toe in poop! Just playing away in it! You’re going to have 50 over the spankings !!Time for your punishment call me for some abdl phone sex!



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Spending the day with Mommy

Aww look at mommy’s  baby. Does Abdl-baby want to spend the day with mommy? I come into the nursery where I find you standing up waiting for me, jumping up and down with excitement. You look so cute in your onesie and pacifier. Aww the little baby is so stinky. I tickle your tummy as you giggle . I pick you up out of your crib and place you on the changing table. I get out the Abdl-diaper, baby wipes and baby powder. I unzip your onesie and tickle your little toes. I slip the new diaper underneath of you as I undo your diaper and wipe your little butt with the baby wipes and sprinkle on the baby powder. I strap you in your new diaper with the left strap first then the right. I zip you back up in your onesie and tickle your tummy as I say “All clean baby”.
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