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August 4, 2016
What Language You Have!
August 7, 2016


One of Mommy Candy’s favorite things is to dress her boyfriend up as a cute little ABDL baby in diapers and baby onesies. This ABDL Mommy loves being in control of dominant men and making them be Mommy’s good little baby. Today me and my boyfriend went to the mall, and guess what I made him wear? A cute little diaper with Disney princesses all over the front of it. He was so humiliated by wearing a diaper, a sissy diaper only added to the embarrassment. We went to Victoria’s Secret to look at some super cute bras. I found a really cute mint-colored lacy bra with silver rhinestones scattered across it. I bought it for him along with a matching thong. The saleslady had no idea I was buying the cute lingerie for my boyfriend! I was so excited to get home and have him put on the cute outfit, as soon as we got home, I made him model it. It was such a turn on for this ABDL Mommy.




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