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Amputee Diaper Girl Kink
October 11, 2019
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Diaper Girl Lesbian Porn
December 30, 2019
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Do you remember the spankings you got as a child? Didn’t matter if a bare hand or a paddle, it hurt you, made you cry and beg, embarrassed you so much that you could barely stand it! Not like you had a choice, though, being forced across her lap and held there, helpless to stop it. You want to feel that again, don’t you? You want to feel that helplessness that had you crying so hard you couldn’t breathe without it hitching, the humiliation of not being in control, of realizing with every smack against your bottom how little control you have.  There’s nothing quite like some domination to make you feel small and silly. You always know it, though, because no matter how hard you do cry, you don’t try to fling yourself off that lap, that would make everything so much worse! If you do remember those spankings, give me call for some discipline kink phone sex.



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