Small Cocks Get Put In Diapers!!
February 25, 2018
ABDL Sissy Whore
February 25, 2018

Well hello there mister poopy pamper pants. Did you make a messy in your adult diaper? You didn’t? Then why can mommy smell your diaper from all the way over here? That’s right you thought I couldn’t smell it didn’t you? I can smell that poopy pamper from a mile away my adult baby diaper lover. Now get over here so mommy can change you out of that messy diaper. Stop trying to hide from mommy. Stop being stubborn and let mommy change you because if you don’t and you leave that diaper on for too long you know what will happen. You will get a diaper rash like you always do and you will cry to mommy that it hurts. If you keep this up I will not change you at all abdl lover.

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