Diapered Abdl Mommy
March 6, 2017
Naughty Diaper Sex!
March 6, 2017

I love playing with my Adult baby Boy and watching his tiny pee-pee get nice and big for me and teach him what orgasms are all about! I love walking them through each stroke until they get all funny feeling before the tense up and just let loose and fill their adult diaper or let them make special cummies on Abdl mommy  if he is good of course, Naughty adult babies get diapered and straight to bed without cummies or their bottles they don’t even get a bedtime story! But if he is a good boy then he gets so spoiled and gets pampered! Get gets to sleep with mommy and mommy breastfeeds him as she reads him a story after he gets to make cummies wherever he wants to! Mommy loves our special Adult time I love teaching naughty things to them and making them feel amazing! If this Is you Give me a call for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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