Tea Party with Mommy Barbie
October 4, 2015
Milk and Cookies with Mommy Liz
February 29, 2016

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Wake up, sleepyhead! I know that my adult babies love to sleep in every morning, but I have to get you read for the day! Smile for mommy with that cute little face and put your arms up so we can get you out of that crib and onto the changing table. Pee-yew! That messy adult baby diaper is so full and very stinky! I can’t believe that you did not wake me up crying this morning because of it. But I think I know why… You must have enjoyed feeling that warm and soft, wet and squishy mess you made against your bare little bottom, huh? I can see right through those giggles of yours! I know it is true! That is why mommy has had to chase you around the house on more than one occasion to get you back into the abdl nursery for a good wipe down and diaper change!




abdl adult baby diaper lover mommy milf phone sex role play taboo fetish

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