Someone Thinks They’re Hiding!!

Spending the day with Mommy
May 31, 2016
Looks like a naked baby mole rat!
August 4, 2016


Look at you hiding behind the couch, I know what you’re doing! You’re taking a poopy aren’t you? Don’t shake your head at me young man! I know you are silly Adult baby! Let your Abdl mommy check your diaper please! Get over  here right now and let me check you !! But mommy! Don’t but me young man! Mommy will bend you over my knee and give you spanking very quickly for your attitude! Understand me? Yes mommy! Now I am going to grab a new diaper and some wipes to change you mommy will be right back ok! When I got back I looked behind the other couch and My Adult baby had his diaper off and was covered from head to toe in poop! Just playing away in it! You’re going to have 50 over the spankings !!Time for your punishment call me for some abdl phone sex!



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