Special Kisses from Step Mommy Tawny

Abdl Mommy’s Sweet Kisses!
May 15, 2017
Mommy/Son Incest Fun!
May 16, 2017

I know that you love to wear you little sister’s dresses I can see how much you enjoy them so you  and secretly I know you want to be in adult diapers don’t you know that daddy isn’t home and he left me in charge of you and I know you want me to take full control of you I know you do so lay down and let your abdl mommy take care of my sweet baby boy Lay down and let me slide this diaper right underneath your bottom do you feel how good that adult diaper feels underneath your cute bottom?  Then I take some diaper cream and lightly coat your bottom and start giving your peepee special kisses that I know you love! I sprinkle some baby powder right on your bottom! Call me for some abdl Phone sex!



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