Abdl Mommy’s Sweet Kisses!

Mommy Crissy Double Diapers J
May 14, 2017
Special Kisses from Step Mommy Tawny
May 15, 2017

I love taking and looking at my sweet adult baby while she is napping I just think of all the fun things that we are going to do today!  Once you wake up from your nap of course it is time for and adult diaper change! Then I take and gently get you dressed but then I noticed that your hair needs to be trimmed So I slide of your dress and sit you in the chair and put a pink zebra style cape and then I start to trim your hair but mommy doesn’t want to get her pretty pink dress all dirty so I am going to slide on a matching apron that way my dress doesn’t get all hairy hehe! So After that I start trimming your hair starting with the bangs and working my way around! Wow look how beautiful you look I grab a hold of a mirror and put it in front of you Call me and let me know what your think and for some Abdl Phone Sex!



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