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July 29, 2015
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August 23, 2015

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I have such a good time changing my ABDLs‘ wet diapers.. Sometimes when I am taking my time wiping their bodies clean of all messes and powdering them down softly and sweetly, I get to thinking about how it would feel for my babies to put me in an adult baby diaper for a change! I can only imagine how nice it would feel for my ABDLs to lay me down on the changing table and lift my legs up and get me fresh and clean like I always do to them. When I’m wiped and powdered, they can slide a crinkly disposable diaper under my bum and tape it tight around my hips so it doesn’t fall off during play time!

Now mommy gets to feel nice and clean too! I see why you enjoy it so much.. It’s so soft and warm in this diaper! And then when we’re done, I’ll change your wet diaper again!



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